Snowy SUP Day

go It’s been waaay too long since I have been able to get out for a paddle…not exactly true, I could have gone, but I have been full of excuses. This winter has been COLD and windy, as are most winters in Blacksburg, Virginia and I have made indoor workouts more of a priority. On Wednesday we decided to head down to the New River and give it a shot. It was a balmy 22 degrees when we arrived. At least the river wasn’t frozen over! I was a little nervous that I was going to be freezing the whole time out on the river but my 3/2mm wetsuit was just enough to keep me from freezing. My fingers and toes were painfully frozen by the end of it, but we all have to pay our dues. We only spent about 45 minutes paddling, but it was a super energizing first paddle of 2015!

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