School day! you could look here So… after spending a summer primarily on the road, with two little girls and not a lot of sleep, I am waaay behind on updating this baby. I will get those older stories updated soon. We arrived back in town last week, and the girls are back in school, but this year they are there all day. Let me say that again, the girls are in school ALL DAY!! It was great spending so much time with them, on the road, but seriously, this mom needs a month or two of not having to share her whole day and then a bedroom (often the bed) with a little person who squirms, lays on top of me, and wants to get up long before the sun comes up, which isn’t always a bad thing.

I have spent the last couple of days in beginning steps of organizing the home, clearing the clutter etc, but I have also been able to head down to the river three times in the past week! The water is extremely low, so the rapids (and pools) are  fin grabbing rock gardens, but so much fun to get out anyway. The past two time we have taken our new little inflatable river surfer boards (no camera on this trips). Today, I met my friend Chris for a little attainment and play. I don’t have a waterproof camera since I ran over my old Life Proof case with my car last winter, so I borrowed one of the gazillion Go Pro’s Luke owns. Apparently, my photography skills need some practice.  Who cares! It was an amazing, hot, humid day out there, and I was able to leave my messy house and paddle with a friend. 

After the paddle session, I thought it would be a great idea to run and pick up the girls from school with the stroller. From the beginning of the Huckleberry Trail, it is a three mile run to the school. Running with an empty stroller gets surprisingly few weird looks from people. The way back to the car was a completely different, loaded with an additional 80 pounds of weight. The sun decided to make an appearance and the 90 degree temps and 100% humidity made for complete and utter misery. The girls didn’t seem to mind my discomfort at all and enjoyed saying hello to the cows along the way home.