Evening Paddle

order lasix online uk We have had some crazy low water around here lately. It was so low, at one point,  you couldn’t even make it through some rapids because they were just rock gardens. The low water makes for some boring play, but luckily for us, we have some fun little boards that are great for playing even in flat water. These boards are so squirly that you feel like you are learning to balance all over again. Luke designed these little guys and while they are not being sold yet, I have a feeling it won’t be too much longer!

buy inderal la online  Sunday evening, the water came up enough for us to play a little at McCoy Falls. This little park and play spot has been the go to location for anyone who paddles in the Blacksburg area. There isn’t much else around, unless there is big rain and then most paddlers head to the creeks. McCoy Falls is a great learning spot for kayaking and SUP because there is opportunity to practice surfing, ferrying, sticking drops, and attainments.  We put on the river not long before dusk and played for a bit.  Night came super fast, and since my eyesight is horrible, I could see nothing. It was frustrating not seeing the rocks below the surface, waiting for my fins to brush over them just enough to slow me down and throw off my balance… not like that happened… ever.

Luke was so excited to be out there at night because he was finally able to try out the Nocqua lighting system on the boards. The lights are battery powered and strap on the bottom of the board. You can set it to one color, or let it move through the rainbow of colors. The night session did not last long because the babysitter’s time was up by nine and we had to rush home, but even two hours of play is better than no play!