Mother’s Day, on the Road

best place to buy generic Keppra online Mother’s Day was the Sunday after the Northwest Paddling Festival. With flights scheduled for Monday, we had a full day to have some fun. We started the day with the Eastside Subaru Mother’s Day Half Marathon in Kirkland, Washington. The race begins and ends at the scenic Juanita Beach State Park. The race is small, the volunteers and organizers are friendly, and the kids cheering on their parents along the course, are all super cute. I was definitely missing mine during that run. The website describes it as a challenging course, and they weren’t kidding. I was already worn out from the previous few days and for some reason ASSumed this run would be fairly flat and mellow. It wasn’t. Granted, we weren’t climbing up Pike’s Peak, but when you are expecting a flat run (because you didn’t read the course description until AFTER the race) and are faced with some long uphills, it hurts. It hurts deep inside you. Too dramatic, I know. Exaggerations and melodrama aside, I really did enjoy this race and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others. Did I mention the Mimosa bar at the finish?

cheap date lyrics After a quick shower, it was time for some more scenery. We drove north to the Edmond’s Ferry and headed over to Kingston. If you are ever waiting for the ferry in Edmond, try the salted caramel ice cream from the Waterfront Coffee Shop. It was delicious! We were hoping to have more time exploring, but with dinner plans scheduled for six o’clock in northwest Seattle, we had no time for stops so we cruised down the Olympic Highway. Why wasn’t anyone around to say, “STOP! Don’t go on such a long drive! Get OUT of the car!”? Oh well, lesson learned. Next time, short drives and long walks.

Mother’s Day dinner was at the Leary Traveler and was hosted by New Belgium Brewing Company. The dinner was a fundraiser event for the Benevolent Guild, a non-profit organization that raises money and donates to a variety of organizations in the greater Seattle area. My favorite part about the dinner was seeing our old friend, Todd. Our last visit was over six years ago, the last time we were in Seattle. With so many of our friends all over the country, I am always so happy when given the opportunity to reconnect face to face, even if only for an hour or two. Seeing them happy and healthy is all I could ask for and always makes me smile.